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Our goal at Red Robin is to competitively compensate and reward top performing restaurant managers for delighting our Guests and ensuring Red Robin is their Burger Authority. Below is an overview of our 2016 awards.

General Manager

Red Robin understands the importance of and recognizes General Managers who exceed performance expectations and provide long term stability to their restaurant.

Achievement of Sales and Profit goals is rewarded by quarterly payment of bonuses which are calculated based on a percentage of restaurant sales for the quarter and other “kickers”.

We also provide rewards for tenure, team member development and growth, manager training, new restaurant development and leadership.

Here are a few samplers:

  • Auto Allowance: After four (4) years of continuous service as a GM, our GMs are rewarded with a $4,800 per year car allowance, payable in bi-weekly installments.
  • $100K Incentive: Performing GMs who oversee restaurants with annual sales exceeding $5 million may be eligible for a one-time lump sum payment to ensure annual cash compensation is at least $100,000.
  • JEEPĀ® and Speed Boat Awards: We value Having Fun!
    Red Robin will lease a JeepĀ® for 2 years on behalf of eligible GMs whose restaurant grows 15% over the course of four consecutive quarters.
    If the sales performance for the next consecutive four quarters (total of 8 quarters) is at or above another 15%, the lease is extended for two additional years.
    If sales performance meets or exceeds 15% for a third consecutive year (total of 12 quarters) the Company will purchase a 4-passenger speed boat for the GM.
  • President’s Club: Annually, the “Best of the Best” is recognized by awarding a trip with their peers to a very special location to celebrate and share Red Robin experiences with the our company President and other honorees. Top performers will be selected based on ability to achieve outstanding results for the fiscal year in the three key areas of People, Sales, and Profit.

Restaurant Management Team

As a salaried restaurant manager, we believe in making sure you are rewarded, too! You can be eligible to receive a quarterly bonus, based on measured restaurant results.

Here is a sampling of other rewards we offer our management team:

  • NRO Bonus Kickers: Available to above-standard New Restaurant Opening performance.
  • Management Referral Program: A very competitive tiered bonus program is available to salaried restaurant managers and is tiered based on the New Team Member that you refer!

At Red Robin, we’re confident that the rewards we have to offer are unparalleled in providing recognition for your dedication and performance.