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Burger Stories

We couldn’t be more proud of our Team Members who take our B.U.R.G.E.R. Values to heart – using them to better someone’s day (or someone’s life). These B.U.R.G.E.R. Stories are the core of what makes our culture and our brand so special. And that’s why it’s so important we pass these stories on – sharing them with peers and managers so that they’ll get the recognition they deserve.

Milestone Celebration

Plainfield, IL

“We had an amazing evening with a large group. We asked a couple of friends who lived close by to go in early to get our tables. When they arrived they told the staff that we were celebrating five years off of chemo for my daughter. When we arrived we were presented with a card signed by all the staff for my daughter and some other goodies along with a complimentary dessert. Both servers were amazing with our large group, and all congratulated my daughter on being cancer free. They also gave her a “Heart of the House” hat, a bracelet and a gift card to come back for another visit. Absolutely Amazing! We have always had great service before but this was so above and beyond!”

Coming Together for Maddy

Augusta, ME

“Many of you have heard the story of little Maddy. Maddy’s mom, Wendy, is a Team Member at our Augusta, Maine restaurant. She is a single mom who moved out here from Oregon a few years ago and is raising both 10-year-old Maddy and 8-year-old Sophie who is autistic. Maddy began having headaches a couple of months ago and doctors chalked it up to various things, but that came to a head when Maddy had a seizure a few weeks ago. When she went to the hospital she was rushed to surgery to have a cancerous tumor removed from her brain. Maddy’s surgery went well but she will begin chemotherapy next week and her rehab has just begun. With that said her surgery was a success.

The Augusta team stepped up immediately. Alison, the manager, alerted the region of our Team Member in need and immediately there were plans in place. Wendy told us that orange is Maddy’s favorite color so teams donated any denomination of money for the honor of wearing an orange ribbon or shirt for a day. Restaurants blew up only orange balloons to show support. The word got out to other regions all over the East Coast starting with Region 51 and they joined in. It extended south to Virginia and west to Chicago and Iowa then to our Home Office where Denny, our chief marketing officer, and her Menu and Marketing team sported their orange, collected donations and cut a check for over $1,000!!!

Additionally Wendy told me Maddy enjoys collecting post cards. I sent out a simple email to a few people I knew in the company and WOW! She said she has received more than a hundred post cards in the past two weeks from just about every U.S. state and our franchises partners in Canada! Team Members told family members who are in the service or overseas and they got involved. Maddy said she has received post cards from Germany, France, and up and down the European coast! She even received some German chocolates. Wendy and Maddy both said that was a very important moment for them when it came to positive thinking.

When you surround yourself with the best PEOPLE in the industry you can’t help but win. When an entire company, its franchise partners, vendors and family of Team Members come together to support a little girl they have never met in Maine, it is LEGENDARY!”

The Ice Cream Cone

Tomball, TX

“I have never visited a Red Robin restaurant before but if the servers are as friendly outside the restaurant as they are inside, then my family and I have just become regular Red Robin Guests. Tonight, I took my two youngest sons to a local ice cream shop for some ice cream and on our way out my littlest, Michael, dropped his cone on the ground. We went back inside and the lady told us that they were not responsible for what happened and we would just have to buy another. Unfortunately, I had only brought the few dollars I used to pay for the first ice cream cones, but a young lady, who I learned was from your restaurant, handed over her ice cream and said “I can always buy another.” My little boy’s eyes lit up and she completely saved the night. As she started to walk back inside my youngest, who’s a talker, stopped her and began asking her questions about her favorite ice cream. Instead of dismissing him, she sat on the bench next to him and began talking to him. My kids were delighted that someone older wanted to talk to them and they started asking questions about the pins on her purse. She explained that she worked at Red Robin and that we should come in to visit with Red on Thursday nights. My son became fascinated with the ice cream pin so she removed it from her purse and handed it right to him. He has yet to take the pin off his shirt to go to bed. We would like to take the time to thank Mandy again for everything she did.”

A New Battery

Auburn Super Mall, WA

“I ate a lovely dinner at Red Robin last night and the service was excellent. Afterward a friend and I sat outside in my vehicle until late visiting and catching up. Then, very inconveniently in the dark, my car battery died and my window was stuck down with my valuables inside the car. Your employee, Brian, very generously came out, took a look at the car, tried jumping it and quickly determined I needed a new battery. We were near a Wal-Mart so I went there with my friend in her car, purchased a battery and he quickly installed it for me! A life saver! I felt like I was back in the old days when people cared about strangers. Thank you for having such great caring employees with great work ethic and all around big hearts, citizenship and integrity.”

Burger Stories Library

To the Rescue

Webster, NY

“My wife and I were traveling from your restaurant at approximately 11 p.m. As we were on our way home to Greece we had a flat tire and one of your employees was following us at the time as we were crossing the lake on Route 104. He saw that we barely made it to the side of the road; he pulled over and backed up to us, introduced himself and changed our flat tire. I have a bad back so there is no way my wife or I could have changed the tire. I just want to say thank you one last time to Brad, who is a life saver and if not for him we might still be waiting for a tow truck. Instead, we’re home, warm and hope that he is at work the next time we are in to Red Robin!”

A Perfect Send Off

Orchard Park, NY

“My son is being deployed to Afghanistan I called to ask if they would maybe sing a song of good luck to him. Alicia answered the phone and was so pleasant and helpful and said of course we can. I was keeping this a secret from my son because I knew he wouldn’t go if I did anything. To our surprise they led us to a special decorated table of army men and red white and blue streamers. Ken told us they had appetizers on the way for us and had everyone working sign a huge thank you card for my son. It was really more than I expected, as I only asked for a song. Alicia and Ken and everyone went way out of their way to thank my son for his service and we had a really great time. I can’t say enough of how appreciative we are. I would like you to know how special your workers are and should be commended. Please let all of the Team Members at Red Robin in Orchard Park, N.Y., know that we are thankful! We will be coming back, especially when my son comes home from Afghanistan.”

Helping a Family

Fredrick, MD

“A little girl came in for her sixth birthday. Her parents, one of which just transferred from Fort Brag, were very happy she made it to her sixth birthday because she was born with only one chamber in her heart. Since then, she has had 14 surgeries and many more to come. The parents also adopted a 4-year-old who has cancer and four other diseases. Their server, Sara, donated ten dollars of her own money to the family to help the kids. She even wrote them a note telling them how brave they were. When they were leaving, the kids were so thankful that they have Sara a hug and a kiss on the cheek goodbye.”

Help from the Bartenders

Towson, MD

“I was freezing cold, missed the bus, and my cell phone had died, leaving my babysitter with no way to reach me if there was an emergency with my 3-year-old. Your hostesses handled my panicked state with ease, giving me reassurance and introducing me to the bartenders, Kim and Frank. Despite being extremely busy, they took the time to rearrange power cords so I could charge my phone. Within ten minutes I had been fed, given a drink, and given the bus schedule (which they looked up and wrote out for me without me even asking!) Despite the crowded bar and the fact that it was nearing closing time, these two employees were clearly eager and happy to help. To say that they went above and beyond would be an understatement to say the least.

My practice is downtown, and as a result I frequent many “high-end” five-star restaurants. Never in any of my visits to these restaurants have I ever received a fraction of the quality of service that Kim and Frank provided me with tonight. Thank you for providing such wonderful service. It truly made a very hard night enjoyable and relaxing!”

Ice Cream Kindness

Germantown, MD

“I took my kids to the park over the weekend and the ice cream truck arrived while we were getting ready to go home. While trying to explain to my 5-year-old that I didn’t have any cash available to buy a cone, my 7-year-old received two bars from a lady that was buying some for her own kids. I told my son that he should never receive anything from strangers and he said, “She is the Red Robin lady.” I turned around, but she was already gone. We went to the restaurant to personally thank her but were told she went to work at another location. I wanted to recognize this random act of kindness.”